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kids kingdome is the best pre school in bopal ghuma. We have Provide activities like library, sandpit, splash pool, ball pool etc. Children are motivated to observe and be aware of the environment around them. admisson open 2016-17 for play group, nursery,,, junior k.g, senior k.g pre school in bopal ghuma ahmedabad at .We build confidence in every child by regular competitions, annual functions, sports day and picnics for all classes kids play group, nursery,,, junior k.g, senior k.g in bopal ghuma at kids kingdome pre school. At KidsKingdom we provide our students with programs that prepare them for entering the school system. Parents and the preschool staff share a role in making children feel safe and secure as they move to a new educational setting.
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Our timings

[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Mon: 8:30AM  -  1:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Tue: 8:30AM  -  1:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Wed: 8:30AM  -  1:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Thu: 8:30AM  -  1:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Fri: 8:30AM  -  1:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Sat: 8:30AM  -  1:00PM
[IS_BIZ_OPEN] Sun: Closed  -  Closed


opp jain temple, bopal ghuma road, bopal ahmedabad
+91 2717402122  or  +91 9898075934  or  +91 9328995100  
Please keep or 0 before the
number when you dial.
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